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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Feb 19, 2024

God has a calling for you, and it is better than you can ask or imagine. Will you answer in joy, trusting His wisdom and provision? Join Julie Jenkins as we study together Jesus’ response to the rich, young man as told in Matthew 19:16-30, Mark 10:17-31, and Luke 18:18-30.




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Feb 12, 2024

Please join us today as the founder of WWL's, Kimberly Hobbs is interviewed by Tawana Lowery, the founder of MISS OVERCOMER ministry about "Bold Forgiveness." 

Feb 5, 2024

We live in a culture that is very protective of personal rights.  But as believers, how can we find the balance between standing up for ourselves and following Jesus’ example of laying down His life? Join host Julie Harwick as she explores the topic Laying Down and Giving Up.


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Jan 29, 2024

Would you consider yourself uncommon? God created you - you are unique and wonderfully made.
Today, Kimberly Hobbs interviews young and vibrant Coach Caitlyn Benedik who shares her story of how God created her to be different.  She stepped out of the "box" into a fun career and shares her 4 uncommon reasons to live by...

Jan 22, 2024

In today's podcast, host Tawana Lowery shares biblical insight about how to overcome being offended for the sake of the cross. She tells a personal story about how God delivered her from being offended so she could help others experience the love and saving grace of Jesus and shares why the ability to overcome being...