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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

Our past does not define us. Today's guest, Peggy Sperling - certified human behavioral consultant, teacher, and missionary to China 41 times - encourages us with her story. Please join us today as Peggy shares the importance to rise above past circumstances that may hold us back from fulfilling what God has for...

Oct 15, 2021

Today, Rusanne Carole looks at how women can overcome adversities and challenges we may face in today's world and to look forward and not back, for God has a good plan for all of us! We must adorn the armour of God and trust His plan.

Oct 13, 2021

We can dance, assured that Jesus will meet us where we are and provide the miracle we need. A study of Luke 7:11-17

Oct 11, 2021

Our guest, celebrity and author Tina Gallo from General Hospital, shares about life in the acting world and how acting became an idol in her life.
We can all have idols.  Listen today how Jesus came in and brought Tina's life from "Confusion to Clarity" through a phone call as she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ....

Oct 8, 2021

Host Michelle Redden teaches a practical way to take our thoughts captive.