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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Apr 11, 2022

Faith and Business. Today's guest, Tina Rains from Masterpiece Women, is a successful businesswoman who has combined her success as an entrepreneurial woman of faith with her business leadership skills and ministry in an Ephesians 2:10 way.
Be encouraged today to share your faith within the business world.
Kimberly Hobbs  0:06  
Welcome to empowering lives with purpose. And I'm your host, Kimberly Hobbs. I am the founder of Women world leaders. And I am so happy to introduce to you our guest today, who is Tina rains. And she also runs a ministry called masterpiece women. And today we get to talk about faith in business. Welcome, Tina.

Tina Rains  0:30  
Thank you, Kimberly, for having me. I'm so excited to be here with you.

Kimberly Hobbs  0:35  
We are so excited to have you. And ladies, we're hoping today that it is our prayer to strengthen you, encourage you, and empower you to share stories with others about how God has moved within your life. And we're going to hear today from Tina a little bit about how God has empowered her to move forward into ministry but also incorporate business into that. So we're hoping that by her sharing her story, this will encourage you to share your sometime as you just see what Tina is doing within her business. Ephesians 210 says we are God's masterpiece, we are created anew in Christ Jesus to do the very good things that he has planned for us long ago. And as those of you that follow empowering lives with purpose podcast, know that I use that scripture. Often when I open up, and I just am giggling because that is actually Tina and masterpiece women's verse for the ministry. And I love that. So you're gonna hear more about that in just a little bit. And I want to introduce to you Tina, and read a little bit about who Tina is. Tina is an RN. She's the founder of masterpiece women driven to help women know that they are a masterpiece based on Ephesians 210. The verse that I just read. She has a driving passion to help women understand who they are in Christ, build authentic community and give them tools to succeed in business. And in ministry. Tina is married to Monty and together they have seven children. And she's now a meanie to seven grandbabies. And Tina and Monty serve as couple chose for bi annual J H Outback marriage retreats. And I've heard about those retreats and they're supposed to be phenomenal. Tina started her career as an entrepreneur at the age of 25 and started her first healthcare staffing office. And in 1995, she was operating out of her garage. Within a few short years, she had eight offices around the country and was making millions of dollars per year. Yet, she still had a void in her heart. So her done, identity was not completely in Christ. She didn't except when a masterpiece woman she was. And Tina came from a childhood of poverty and abuse. And so now we're going to talk about some of Tina's story which led her into our topic today, which is faith in business. So Tina from a childhood, you came from a childhood of sexual and physical abuse, but you had to get healthy again in many ways, and you were sharing that with me. God took you on a journey to complete surrender and prepares you for the area of ministry He's called you to which is faith in business with masterpiece women. So knowing the old way of living left you feeling solid and spiritually dial into that inside, you rebuilt the brokenness of your life by climbing a mountain ladies, this woman has climbed a mountain in India and not just any mountain. So I'm going to ask her to share about this. But as I read this verse, Hebrews 611, and then 12 promises us, then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God's promises because of their faith and endurance. And God called you to go climb a mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro and India. How in the world did you get there?

Tina Rains  4:36  
Oh, my goodness. Yes, it was quite the it was quite the climb, to say the least. But I do. I do correlate it many times to my spiritual climb because as a woman, young woman, I was still very broken. And I put a lot of energy and a lot of my passions into building business because that made me feel good put on quote about myself. And I realized that there was still something missing. And I knew that and I had made some choices because I was still broken in my younger days of relationships that weren't healthy for me things in my life that weren't healthy for me. And I realized, something has to change. And the patterns that I'm making in my personal life, are just not working from a spiritual perspective. And so I went on a journey of really seeking the Lord, I went through a divorce, and I was devastated and went through a very difficult time in my life. And so I just said, Okay, Lord, it's you and me the next couple of years, I'm just gonna dig in deep and I surrendered. I went through some, some programs, including, you know, inner healing and broke some strongholds, just really navigating with the Lord going, what do I need to do to be completely intimate with you and surrender to you? What what are those strongholds that are still holding me back. And I recognize that I still had many that I had to work through, even though I'd gone to, you know, counseling, etc. And I believe in counseling, but I believe that when you really surrender your life to the Lord, and you say, and here I am, us, me, he just transforms your life completely. And so, in that season, I did that. And I went on my first mission trip to India, where he spoke to me very clearly, I was to come back, and I was to do something, but I had no idea what that meant. And so I had transitioned that already sold a large portion of my business, I had a small portion left, I was on all kinds of Board of Directors for many people, you know, many great organizations, but he said, I want to use your gifts and talents for me. And I said, Okay, so I thought, Okay, I'll get on Christian boards, instead of, instead of, you know, business boards and other, you know, Board of Directors, I just get on some Christian boards. He's like, no, no, that's not what I mean. Well, fast forward, I was invited to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the largest freestanding mountain in Africa won the world, but, and so I'm, like, climb me, I've never climbed a day in my life. Like, literally, that was not my passion. And so I said, Yes, after asking him for days to show me for sure. Very similar to this mission trip to India, because I didn't really want to go on the mission trip to India. But I believed he told me to do it. So I did and all came together. And one thing led to another, I'd met this amazing woman there that I loved. And we ended up going as tentmakers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro together. And in that journey, he showed me that I was to come back and lead that movement. And so then I went on to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, a second time base, camp, Everest, the Alps, all these climbs. And what I saw all over the world, as I spoke, though, is so many women were just like me, they were still held back by bondage, and brokenness, and there's so much abuse. And what's beautiful about that, though, Kimberly, is that even though the enemy meant it for our destruction, God then was able to use it, to bring glory to Him to help others. And so I could look back and reflect on all that pain and all that suffering. And know that as I was dealing with these women who to or dealing with these issues, gave me such a compassion for him. It gave me such a passion to help them. And so as we built that ministry wasn't just about climbing on behalf of the women, children, we were being voices for it was also very intentional to provide retreat type training at all of our climbs where they could just get real and raw with the Lord and break some of those strongholds themselves. And so it was both for the women coming, and the women that we were serving, and it was just such a powerful opportunity to watch God redeem what the enemy meant for destruction. So it was a very, I

Kimberly Hobbs  9:04  
love that. I love that Tina, and you were sharing with me that just the impact that you were having, when you were able to get raw and transparent. Lady sometimes that's difficult for us to do as expose our own our own weaknesses in front of others. But sometimes when we do that, we can allow others inside and let them know that it's okay. You're a safe place because you've been through some things. And just because you're in leadership, it doesn't mean that you have to hide everything. I mean, women need to know they need to trust you, and before that they can learn from you. So talk about how, Tina how you climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, but God took You on other climbs now. And you were getting raw and transparent with others? And can you talk about some of those moments of getting raw and transparent with some of the women?

Tina Rains  10:09  
Absolutely. So one of the most powerful things for me in our community specifically was in when you climb these mountains, there was a fundraising aspect to it. So you're doing these events. And I shared my vulnerability and my childhood with hundreds of people that I had invited to a fundraiser. And it transformed not only my life, but the so many people's lives that were at that event, because they had this picture of this business woman who had it all together, I think some of them thought that I had been spoon fed. I don't know what they thought exactly. But they'd been in my home. And they had just, you know, they thought of me in one perspective. And when I was real and transparent with them, it's a no, look, this is what I suffered. And this is what I still have to do on a daily basis, oftentimes, when the enemy tries to use a trigger and deal with it. And that's what these victims of human trafficking and repression also experienced, and I correlated it, they were able to then be raw, authentic and transparent themselves. And I think as leaders on a daily basis, whether it's in business or ministry, as being real, with our weaknesses, gives permission to those around us to be real and raw and authentic. And that's one of our key pillars and masterpiece women, because I see such great value, and as being real and transparent, because it brings freedom, and then others are free to do it as well, because oftentimes, leaders are isolated, they feel like they can't be real and authentic and transparent, because it shows them as being weak. And I don't believe vulnerability and authenticity shows you to be weak. I think it actually shows you to be a great leader, when you're willing to do that.

Kimberly Hobbs  11:57  
Amen. Amen. And I know one of the things we talked about was when you're in a key role like this, and you're an example in leadership, you give permission to the women to when you are vulnerable, right permission for them to open up and share. And Galatians 522 expresses how, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. And the absolute best type of leadership is a type where someone demonstrates these nine traits listed in the Scriptures. And I know you Tina, putting ministry and business together as God has called you to do you have to show your example in leadership and in share these nine traits. And how do you do that if you're not open and vulnerable with somebody if you're not allowing them to see into your own life, and those things that you have learned from? So being raw and exposing your past? Sometimes it's so helpful in leadership. And we're hoping that you understand that ladies, the Bible is a great business guide to us. So these fruits of the spirit that I read through God called you teen into the ministry, to be authentic with others, so that they can hear and have breakthrough also. So can you share how the power of the Holy Spirit worked in and through you to deliver some of these fruits of the Spirit to others.

Tina Rains  13:46  
I love that. And it's so key when you talk about the Bible being it's like the best book for leadership you can ever find. If you don't know what to do go to Proverbs, like its leadership has written the wisdom in there, I always tell him, it's really your very best leadership book. You can spend all day long reading leadership books, but if you don't get in that word, and really delve into it, so he can lead you, you're kind of wasting your time. So I tell I really start there every morning. That's where your wisdom comes from. But, you know, I would say that joy, one of the greatest things was when I've been through the most difficult times, and this is something that you know, I've shared with many women in the past is how I led many people to Christ that were in my circle of influence. When I went through this difficult time wasn't on my successes. It was actually the fact that I was going through a divorce. And I was struggling in other areas of my life, even you know, there was the recession in 2008, with the economy and all that went with it. And I was having some of the most difficult times in my life personally, but yet I had more joy than I'd ever had because I had finally surrendered. In my life to Christ, and so being them, seeing that not me preaching at them, not me hitting them over the head with the Bible, or like some people like want to do, but just them seeing that. And seeing that I still had the joy, and was still able to serve others and love others, was actually how a few of my friends that I was had the privilege actually lead to Christ moving forward, that were business women in my community that I was very close to you, but they weren't Christians at the time. But they were a great human beings. And so it was a real privilege to watch that. And as I, you know, climb these mountains. And as we, we worked with the women all over the world, I would say, the love and in our ministry, I think that's really what it all amounts to is the love of Christ coming out and being exposed to the women that came to give you an example, my greatest memory, of climbing all these mountains was when I had the privilege of sharing Christ with one of the women that came, we knew she wasn't a Christian, she climbed on behalf of the women and children. And I said, How are you doing? Because I knew she wasn't a Christian. And here we are all these Christians around her were worshipping we're doing all these things, right? She was I've never felt I said, Are you feeling comfortable on she goes, I've never felt more comfortable than this ever. And I thought, that's the love. And so one thing, you know, so we had a conversation about what that meant. And we were able to actually, as a team of women on the side of a mountain leader to Christ, like, that's my favorite memory, not all the other things that we can sit, that's my, my top memory. And then we came off of Mount Kilimanjaro, we have the same experience with the guy that was our head guide, I was having a conversation with the mascot. And Murphy knew Jesus. And you know, we'd built a relationship during that week. And he didn't know who Jesus was. And so we as a team had the privilege of leading him to Christ on the way back from the mountain, like, those are my two favorite memories of the whole all those years. And it's because the people around him, showed him love. And in return, he wanted what they had. And that's really why we're here, right?

Kimberly Hobbs  17:16  
That's exactly why we're here and our number one commandment to love one another. And you did you you showed that love, and you took that time for those that didn't know Jesus that saw that difference in your life, which is so beautiful. So So transitioning into now you are a boss in your business. And there are a lot of bad bosses in the world today. And no one ever wants to be one of those bad bosses, or the ones that are talked about, you know, on on the quiet amongst the employees. So how would you encourage the listener today to be a leader for Jesus in their work environment.

Tina Rains  18:05  
I think most importantly, it goes back to abiding in him, you have to spend the time to buy it in him to really have that intimate relationship with him. So that every step of every day is really Holy Spirit lead the prayer time during the day even you know, as as we make decisions on an email, for instance, if we pray before an email that most of those emails won't even get sent. Right, think about it. Right?

Kimberly Hobbs  18:39  
I, I agree. I pray before I send anything out. And there's so many times delete, delete, or rewrite, rewrite? Yes.

Tina Rains  18:47  
It's you know, it's so important because as people work with us, and as they see how we behave, I remember you, I told so when I said, I'm like a bipolar person, if I don't have Jesus in the morning.

Kimberly Hobbs  19:03  
Exactly. Right. Yeah. I know, ladies, we need to start our day early. Because when we do when we open our eyes, if that's the first thing that is on our heart is Jesus and you talking to him and you're giving him the whole day to take control? Right, take it out of our hands, but give it to him first thing in the morning. He's going to take us through those days. Do you agree? Absolutely.

Tina Rains  19:29  
100%. I mean, the when you talk to most teams, and as I've done consulting for businesses, and even for ministries, and you go in you, you listen to the staff, if they're having difficulties with the team 90% of what I've experienced in the workplace has been I don't feel heard. I don't feel valued. And so as a leader is It's imperative that we listen that we'd be good listeners that we know who our employees are, what are they going through in their lives, and really show them compassion, because it's really difficult for an employee to see someone says, Oh, I'm a godly leader, and I'm donating to all these things. I'm doing all these good works. But yet, you don't even know who I am. And the fact that my husband is suffering from cancer, and my teenage son is run away, because you haven't taken the time to know me. And those are the kinds of things that matter to employees and to people that work for you, as a leader. They want to be known, they want to be heard. So I believe we can do our greatest value in the workplace in the marketplace, of just loving others well, and having compassion for them, and being generous, having spirits of generosity, and seeing how we can affect them.

Kimberly Hobbs  21:00  
Wow. So true. Good advice. Good advice, being a good listener, right? That's what you're just talking about. Because, you know, if you just overlook, and you just are pushing your agenda constantly and telling people what to do, they're not gonna listen to you. They want to know that you're engaged. And you know, they're, they're on the same level with you. So, ladies, be a good listener, be a good listener, to be that good leader.

Tina Rains  21:30  
And John Maxwell says, People don't care what you know, unless they know how much you care.

Kimberly Hobbs  21:36  
Right. Amen. That is great. Yeah, that's a great word, John, thank you. Yeah, speaking Oh, I have another scripture. John 1715 says, My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you protect them from the evil one. So ladies, we don't want to take you out of that work environment, we want to keep you in that work environment, so that you can be that light that's shining light, and God wants to protect you while you're doing that. Tina is going to close out and just share something from her heart, like a word of encouragement to the business woman out there, that has a heart for ministry, that sometimes keeps a mouth closed in the workplace. And it's sometimes it's so hard, because you might be one of those shy people or people that aren't easily ready to open your mouth and say something. But Tina, what's your word of encouragement to that person who keeps her mouth closed? In the workplace?

Tina Rains  22:43  
You know what I would say, be bold, not necessarily bold with, you know, hitting people over the head with Jesus, because they don't really want that they want it and actions. But I would say if you, you just share little tidbits where there's something small of you know, what you learned at church or whatever, just just share the wisdom, if you're adding value to others, they see it, it reflects beautifully of who God is, because Christ is always adding value to us. And I would say just add value to others. And the more you do that, the more you love others, while the more you listen, you know, they're, they're gonna see Jesus in you, and they're gonna ask you questions, and that's when you have the opportunity to be more bold, and share who he is to you and what it means to you. And, you know, the best thing we can do is live our lives, emulating him.

Kimberly Hobbs  23:38  
So I was just gonna say that. I mean, that's just what what Tina is saying, you know, living out like the fruits of the spirit that we talked about, right? And so ladies, if you don't open your mouth, necessarily, just remember, live it out, live out your life, having the fruits of the Spirit, which I can read them again, love. Do you display love, where you are working? Think about yourself in that work environment. Are you displaying love to those that you don't even like working with? It's difficult to do? Do you have joy about it? Do you have joy about you, ladies? Our prayer is that we all know Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. And when we do we have something to be joyful about Apsos Do you agree to you know, like we don't want to walk into the workforce. We want to share our faith in business and we want to be joyful about our faith because we have a God that died for our sins and we don't have to stay bound to that that sin anymore that drag us down that goddess into trouble, right? We have

Tina Rains  24:50  
a really, and we fall. Exactly. And you know what, there's nothing worse to us than to see a miserable Christian. Oh, well, if you're what a Christian is, and I'm really, I'm okay, because I'm happier than you are. And I do, I do encourage everyone as well is, if you have struggles, which we all do, right? Get to a place where you are free. And what does that mean? Just spend more time with Jesus praising him learning his word, letting him speak to you. Because when you're free, then you have those fruits of the Spirit bubbling out from you. And if you're not, and you find yourself grumpy ALL the time at work, and you're frustrated, you're this and you're that step back and take a little, you know, self evaluation, what in me, is still in bondage? And how do I need to allow the Lord to cleanse it to heal it and let go of the past and move forward? Because we can't be good replications of the Lord, if we have all this stuff going on, that is then spewing out to the people that we work with, because we're not doing the Lord. Any. We're not doing justice to you know who God called Mercy.

Kimberly Hobbs  26:12  
Exact Exactly. That's right. Right. And we're called to serve wherever we are ladies. And that includes the workplace if you're you're working for the Lord, but you know, even if you don't have a full time job, or part time job, and you are in your home, or your environment in the neighborhood, or whatever you're doing, we have to remember to put this into our everyday life that we are in positions where people are looking at us because we do call ourselves Christians and and I just love just hearing some of the nuggets that you learned along the way, Tina, because you know, now you've incorporated ministry into the business world. That's what you do, and masterpiece women. And I just wanted to finish some of these, again, fruits of the Spirit, patience, kindness or again, remember, as you're in your day to day life, ladies, and this may seem Elementary, but it's not. It's again, this is what God's called us to do as believers to just carry this within our person. patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self control, that is huge ladies, we constantly have to have ourselves in check of all of our emotions. If people frustrate us to no end, we need to have that self control. Right, Tina?

Tina Rains  27:34  
Absolutely. That can be one of the toughest ones honestly, especially if you have a justice person you want to you want to see justice and someone's in the workplace not doing what you think is right. Having self control and reacting in love is so valuable.

Kimberly Hobbs  27:55  
So valuable, so valuable. Tina has so many good nuggets and what she does is amazing and masterpiece women can you share with the women your website in case they want to look you up and look up the ministry and and I just know that in the future women were leaders and masterpiece women may be doing some things together which I'm really excited about because I love love what Tina is doing for the Lord. So please Tina, share your your website. Absolutely.

Tina Rains  28:28  
It's masterpiece women dot O R G. And I am super excited Kimberly about this relationship because I know that God is doing something great. And we have monthly luncheons in South Florida and those are for all women. Because every woman is a leader you do not have to be in business to come to our luncheons. And then we have a program where we actually empower women who are interested in building business or online businesses. We have tools and a whole membership platform to help them actually do that as well. So check out our website. It's masterpiece women, dot o RG and you know we're here to serve you. So that's what the Lord has called us to do is help women everywhere know they're a masterpiece, and renewed him in him, and then help them with the plans that God has given them. So thanks for having us again. I love what you're doing your ministry.

Kimberly Hobbs  29:28  
Thank you Well, and that's what's so beautiful is together. We are empowering women, ladies out there. We love you. And we have a passion because God has called us and this is what Tina and I do together and all of those that are in our ministry serving. We have passion to empower one another and point them to Jesus to be the best leader that you could be wherever you are. Tina happens to specialize in taking those business women and bringing them to another level and incorporating ministry. together with it. And I love that. And that's why I want to continue this relationship. And ladies and women, we're leaders, we have tools for you. And I just want to be certain to remind you, one of the most amazing tools that God has given us to share with the world is voice of truth. It is a publication that comes out every quarter now, and it is free, and it's beautiful. Inside the United States, you can get your color copy of voice of truth magazine, it's like table top quality magazine. And it's 100 pages, full color, all color, all beautiful, but filled with scripture, filled with encouraging you wherever you are in your walk. Whatever struggles you may encounter, it's inside of this. And we are just so happy. Oh, are you you're holding your background. Yeah. For those of you watching on YouTube, Tina is holding up a her color copy of voice of Truth magazine. And we are just so excited.

Unknown Speaker  31:08  
I love it

Kimberly Hobbs  31:09  
you with a yes, he's doing so much in and through this. Also, ladies, if you would like your to receive your free copy, if you're not getting it yet, and you are inside the United States, you can email us for your free copy at women world And there's a place in there where you can click on voice of truth and give us your name, address an email address that will not be shared ladies, it is just for women world leaders. And, and then again, we will send it to you and outside the US. You can look up on our website voice of truth and you can read it online as well. As well as all of the past copies of voice of truth. There is so much information in there to help you and encourage you on your daily walk with Jesus. And that's what we're all about ladies. So we'd like to thank you for your time today. I'd love to thank you again Tina Raines for being with us. God bless you in what you do at masterpiece women. God bless you the listener ladies and please join us each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our different podcasts that we have available through women world leaders, we're here to help you encourage you reach out to us at women world And in ways that we might be able to help you further. God bless you all, just remember that it is from his heart to yours that we are here. All content is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed written consent. God bless you and have a beautiful week. Thank you. Thank you, Tina.