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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Feb 17, 2023

What does it look like to have our roots run deep in Christ? The importance of being rooted in Christ is having a foundation that is unshakeable no matter what we face or walk through.  The deep roots are there for support and to build a strong faith.  Trusting in Jesus and having confidence in Him are the only solutions for our lives.


Hello. Welcome to Celebrating God's Grace I'm Lisa Hathaway. And I'm excited to share with you today something that God has laid on my heart over the last week or so. And I've, I've really thought about it and I'm such a visual person. And what I want to talk about is being rooted in Christ, rooted in Jesus, rooted in God rooted in the creator of the universe, and we think of the word rooted. It's, it's an odd word, but when you think of being rooted that means to me like this. I have this visual of this big oak tree and the roots of that tree run so deep in the ground and it spreads so why, and it gives the stabilization and foundation for that oak tree to be exactly the need of what God created to be to be the shade the covering and to just to grow so big and strong. And so when I think of us being rooted in Christ, it is us having that foundation that unshakable and begin wholly dependent on Jesus. So the roots of the tree, the oak tree is dependent on their roots to keep it stable to keep it from not breaking into grow healthy and whole. And that is what is being rooted. So when we become wholly dependent on Jesus and all that they do. This a complete, complete trust. And when we think of a complete trust that surrendering everything to Jesus, knowing that whatever his plans are, there's so much greater and so much broader than we can ever ever imagine. And so I was looking at this scripture in Jeremiah 17, seven through eight, I'm going to read that to you. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when he comes for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, or does not cease to bear fruit. Wow, this is a powerful, powerful Scripture. When we think of blessings as a man who trust in the Lord, and whose trust is the Lord. So you can trust in the Lord with all that you do and all that you are but your trust is the Lord. This so those are two very different things and when it goes on to Jeremiah 17, eight, it says that the routes are by the stream and does not fear when a heat comes. So I was like, Okay, what's the heat? What is when he comes I think of Sun obviously or when something gets hot, but heat is your trials and your suffering and your tribulations that you go through your circumstances that aren't going to be exactly the way that you think they need to be. So that is the heat so they're not nothing is going to shake when the heat comes and for its leaves remain green, and the leaves remain green because their roots are so deep from the oak tree like our lives are waiting to be so deep and Jesus that everything us in US bears fruit. So we bear fruit. It's just like, when we walk through and we're going through and looking at a vine of in the Scripture talks about you know, He is the vine we are the branches. So it's like we need to be fruit bears of who he is. And so when we are rooted in Christ, we are built on a foundation that cannot be uprooted. We are unshakable, unshakable like nothing can shake us and so the verse also means that it's not just simply being saved. It is about trusting and having confidence in Jesus, trusting and who Jesus says He is trusting in what he is going to do for us, trusting in the fact that no matter what we walk through, he's never going to leave us or forsake and having confidence in Jesus, it's so much better. It's not easier sometimes, but it's so much better. When we go through life's tough circumstances which we face every day and every one of us have a story and some of our stories are so much harder and so much deeper, and trauma and wounds and everything that just really really hurts us. But with Jesus, it can be bearable. It can be we can be unshakable doesn't mean it will be easy. It doesn't it all means going to be easier sometimes. Walking with Jesus I think is harder, and you try to keep that you think I think a lot of people I've had a couple of friends are like Oh, when I accept Jesus, I'm just going to all my worries are gonna go away and no, they're not. Matter of fact, I think sometimes things just get a little bit harder but it's just our trusting in Him. And that's what he wants us to do what he wants us to reach for him to claim for him to absolutely trust him. And so you will not fear the Scripture tells us the Scripture actually says it says for your leaves remain green and it is not anxious in the year of drought for it does not cease to bear fruit and there and does not fear fear you don't you're not scared when the trial and tribulations come because you are rooted in Jesus. So I think that that is that was really something that stuck out to me is that you don't have to be afraid to walk through the valley because you have Jesus. You don't have to be afraid when you can't meet a bill because your check hasn't come in. You depend on Jesus is your provider. He's Jehovah Jireh he is your provider. You don't have to fear when things happen with your children or they stray away from God because God is all knowing he sees the end from the beginning and to trust in that and to have confidence in that is something that we can so so appreciate and value. And I know you know I've always as I walked through some trials myself, it's been so easy just to kind of sometimes get complacent. But then on the flip side, guy just gets my attention really quickly, really quickly the way he does, and he nudges me and he's like, I see you. I'm here with you and your roots run deep. Your roots run deep my child. My daughter I love and because your roots run deep, your foundation in knee is so strong, and it's unwavering and it's unshakable and to hear that and to know that from Jesus. So one that to huddle on the cross for me is something that gives me great joy and we can have joy in the trials. And we when our roots run deep in Christ, it's something that expands and when it starts expanding, it's you know, I don't know if y'all have ever walked and you've seen like roots pop up out of the ground, or you know your your step over him or the tree and it's so old the roots are just coming up. And that's what I visualized that I want to be I want to be the root meaning I want to expand so much and grow so much as our just pop it up and shining and shining bright for Jesus and so when our roots run deep in Christ, we turn and let go of ourselves in rely and trust on Jesus. So you have when you trust me you're rooted and you trusting Christ you have the only solution you need for every problem that you face. Because Jesus is the only solution. Sure we can have monetary things or we can have material things that we think are going to fix the problem. And it might be temporary fixes for sure. But it's not going to be sustainable. You can't sustain something that's away from Jesus. And so when you are walking through life, I just challenge you and encourage you to really, really press it and just think about a tree being rooted and how you as a son or daughter or the king can just go and dive deep in the ground and have your roots spread deep and know that they're strong, they're unshakeable, they're unwavering. They're not going to break because the roots are the foundation of who God has called us to be. So I just want to challenge you and encourage you to read through Jeremiah, Jeremiah 17 and amazing chapter in those verses are so much meat in there and just challenge you to really ask God you know, God, how can I grow deeper in you and be fully and wholly dependent on you? I want to walk in your purpose and your will for my life. And I want to be rooted rooted in you. Like just I love the word. And it's so it's so powerful to have visualizations and God just knows that that's something I need. And he's so sweet to give me these visuals. And so as you move through your week or whatever you have going on in your life, I just want to challenge you encourage you build you up to let you know to to run, just to run to him. Put your trust in him. Your competence in Jesus, and you will never ever ever go wrong. Even though it's hard. God's right there. He hasn't left you He will never leave you. He's rooting for you and waiting for you and just continue to stay rooted in who he has created you to be …