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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

The Gift of Miracles demonstrates the authority of God, proving He exists. His miracle-working power does the impossible. Learn about the grace of God in the gift of miracles provided to us by the Holy Spirit.


Welcome to Celebrating God’s Grace, A Women World Leader’s Podcast, I’m your host Robin Kirby-Gatto.

Thank you for joining us today as we celebrate God’s grace, in our lives, in our ministry, and around the world.

Today’s Title is: “The Gift of Miracles”

“To another the working of miracles...” 1 Corinthians 12:10 AMPC

The Greek word used for miracles in 1 Corinthians 12 is dýnamis pronounced doo'-nam-is meaning, “miraculous power, ability, abundance, mighty, worker of miracles, miracle, power, strength, violence, and wonderful work.” [i]

God’s grace is continually working through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The working of miracles is distinguished from the gift of faith and that of healing. As I mentioned in the prior podcast I did on the Gift of Faith, # 441, the Gift of Faith, is God’s faith, added to our faith. Although I haven’t gotten into the gift of healing, you will come to find out that it’s specifically for the healing of dis-ease and the brokenhearted.

In relation to the gift of miracles, this can happen in many circumstances, both with things in the natural, such as God parting the Red Sea, and times, when God’s authority is being manifested in supernatural signs of removing congenital disease, someone paralyzed who walks, creating new organs in a person’s body, or delivering a person from the point of death. When it comes to a miracle it’s a sign, SHOWING GOD’S AUTHORITY. Whereas the gift of healing is the Great Physician’s work on keeping people well mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Let’s go to miracles in the Word of God, beginning with Israel coming out of Egypt. In Exodus 3, God spoke to Moses at a burning bush, where he called him to Go to Egypt and to tell Pharoah the Lord’s message “let My people go.” Moses then asked God, when he went to the children of Israel in Egypt to prepare them, Who should I say sent me, God responded “I Am that I Am” has sent you.

“I Am” in Hebrew is hâyâh pronounced haw-yaw meaning, “to exist, be or become, come to pass, accomplished, committed, happen, etc.,” [ii] Therefore, the gift of miracles shows God exists and all that He is committed to, will be accomplished and come to pass. His promises are yes and amen!

“When Pharaoh says to you, Prove [your authority] by a miracle, then tell Aaron, Throw your rod down before Pharaoh, that it may become a serpent.” Exodus 7:9 AMPC

God instructed Moses to use the rod for miraculous purposes, which would prove the authority in which Moses came, the Great I Am, demonstrating that God exists, there is none like Him.

In Exodus 7, miracle in Hebrew is môwphêth pronounced mo-faith meaning, “conspicuousness, a miracle, a token, sign, and wonder.” [iii] Isn’t it amazing that the Hebrew word for miracle sounds like MO-FAITH or should I say MORE FAITH? Let’s look at the Hebrew letters that compose it, which are Mem, Vav, Pey, and Tav. The ancient symbols from the Old Hebrew of these letters, combine to form a word picture, revealing the nature of what a miracle is on a deeper level.

The first letter Mem is the ancient symbol of water, and looks like a three humped “M,” meaning, “massive and flooding,” in the positive. Vav is the ancient symbol of a tent peg or nail and means, “to add and secure.” Pey is the ancient symbol of a mouth that is opened, and means, “open, word, and speak.” Finally, Tav is the ancient symbol of an “X” or a cross, and means, “sign, seal, mark, and covenant.” Therefore, the word picture for miracle is THE MASSIVE FLOODING OF THE WORD THAT IS A SIGN OF COVENANT.

Thus, the Gift of Miracles through the Holy Spirit, demonstrates the authority of God’s Word and that He exists, there is none like Him.

In John 4:47-54, Jesus was coming from Judea into Galilee, at which time a royal official came from Capernaum, where his son lay dying, to ask Jesus to heal his son. Jesus spoke to the man to go in peace, for his son would live. The royal official headed home, when then a servant came running to give him the good news that his son was better, and that the fever broke. The royal official asked the servant when it happened. It was at the exact time Jesus spoke to him that his son would live. This was the second miracle of Jesus.

All throughout the Bible, miracles occur to demonstrate the authority of God Almighty. The enemy of our soul wants to hinder us from seeing the ability for God to do a miracle, by causing us to be double-minded and putting it in our heart that God won’t perform it. If we give into this tactic, fear will rob our faith, and cause us to speak negatively. We need MORE FAITH, MIRACLE WORKING FAITH!

I remember when my oldest son had been in a drug house for two years, God grabbed a hold of my heart and instructed me to brag about my oldest son like I did my youngest. When other people would ask me how he was, I would boast about how awesome he is. I agreed to do as the Lord instructed, and immediately followed suit.

I’ll never forget during this time, when I went to the movies, a woman asked me how my oldest son was. I just boasted about how proud my husband and I were of him, and she looked at me like I was an alien with four heads. I found out later that she had seen my oldest son the day prior, and their exchange made it evident to her that he wasn’t doing well, and that our relationship was on the outs.

Shortly after obeying God, on Mother’s Day of 2011 (May 8th), my son was set free and came out of the drug house, knowing the power of Holy Spirit, as God had shown him the demons that were involved with his addiction. I knew that God did a miracle in delivering my son and bringing him back to the Lord. He demonstrated His authority over the powers of hell.

When someone operates in the gift of miracles, it’s the grace of God on them showing a sign of His authority. Greater is Jesus in us, than he who is in the world.

On another occasion in 2012, when ministering in South Carolina at a minister’s retreat, I ministered to individuals after having preached. A woman came up to receive ministry, when then I saw a huge rope knotted up and stuck in her ear. My spiritual eyes were open, and upon seeing this, the Lord said “Robin, pull that rope out of the woman’s ear.”

I obeyed and told her “God showed me there’s a rope in your ear and I have to pull it out.” I just did a demonstration of it, and prayed whilst doing it, when then the woman started jumping up and down shouting. I looked at her in amazement, wondering why she was so excited, when she proclaimed, “I have been deaf in that ear, and NOW I CAN HEAR!”

Lastly, when I was in the mission field in 2011 for a month in the Philippines, preaching and ministering, we had taken a flight into Tacloban on the Island of Samar and were in route on a van to Catarman, which was four hours north. It was about midnight when the van broke down about half-way. The taxi driver got out to see what the problem was. For the next two hours, he would go back and forth from underneath the engine, where oil had gotten all over him. I began to wonder if there was any oil left in the vehicle.

Shortly after having been broken down, a bunch of Muslims came out and congregated behind the vehicle. The taxi driver’s wife stood outside by her husband to help him. My friend opened the van door, anxious to go look for help, at which I informed her by no means was she to get out of the van. Our windows were cracked to let air in as well. During this time a Muslim man in his early twenties passed by the van to do recon for the group, caught a glimpse of me, at which time we locked eyes. I’ve never felt the hate that I did from that man, who was oppressed heavily by a demonic spirit.

In the invisible realm, God showed me the demon jumping on top of our vehicle, and I felt it’s heaviness all over me. Immediately the taxi driver’s wife, heard what the Muslim men were going to do to us and shouted, “SHUT THE DOOR!” My other two friends were in front of me, while I stayed in the back, looking out of the window, as the Muslim men carried weapons, and were now coming to surround our van.

God instructed me to post on Facebook that we needed prayers immediately. He then said “Robin, close your eyes, and focus on Me!” I closed my eyes tightly, to shut out all fear. Then God said, “Robin worship Me.” I began to hum, “I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, oh my soul rejoice.” Suddenly the heaviness lifted. God then said, “Robin, open your eyes.” I looked, AND ALL THE MUSLIM MEN, WHO HAD WEAPONS SURROUNDING OUR VEHICLE WERE VANISHED, THEY WERE COMPLETELY GONE!

God showed me that He had sent an angel of the Lord to protect us and that it so frightened them that they ran, HE HAD PERFORMED A MIRACLE!

That is the power of the gift of miracles, when the need arises for God’s authority to overcome the powers of darkness, proving that HE REIGNS; HE IS THE GREAT I AM!

Is there something in your life that seems utterly impossible? If so, you are in a position for the grace of God to be poured out by the Holy Spirit through the gift of miracles! Only believe!



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