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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Dec 30, 2022

It is our prayer that after the holiday season, you are feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically refreshed and renewed and ready to jump into 2023. If you aren't, there's still time! Join host Janet Berrong as she extols the value of refreshment and offers tips for starting 2023 by embracing...

Dec 28, 2022

Paul teaches us in Ephesians 6:18-23 to pray in the spirit at all times and on all occasions. What a great reminder as we wrap up 2022! God has a plan and purpose for you in 2023, learn how you can walk in His will through prayer.




Welcome to Walking in the Word, the biblical teaching arm of the Women World...

Dec 26, 2022

Today's Interview is with special guest Kristen Clark,  co-Founder of "Girl-Defined". This ministry has an outreach touching over one hundred thousand young women for Christ.
Today Kristen will empower you by sharing some of her personal story and how she found fulfillment in Christ vs something or someone else....

Dec 23, 2022

When you think of the Christmas story and Mary carrying the Son of God, I can’t help but think of how she must have felt.  We all have greatness inside of us because we are carrying Jesus.  He has given each of us a story and greatness within us.  Dream and allow yourself to feel His love and purpose for your...

Dec 21, 2022

This Christmas, run to Jesus! He has come amid the craziness of this world to bring you His peace and joy. He is calling you just like He called the shepherds on that night long ago. Peace be with you, and all glory to God in the highest. (Luke 2:8-20)




Welcome to Walking in the Word, the Biblical teaching...