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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Dec 30, 2022

It is our prayer that after the holiday season, you are feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically refreshed and renewed and ready to jump into 2023. If you aren't, there's still time! Join host Janet Berrong as she extols the value of refreshment and offers tips for starting 2023 by embracing self-care.


Welcome to celebrating God's grace, a Women World Leaders podcast. I'm your host, Janet Berrong. Thank you for joining us today as we celebrate God's grace in our lives in ministry and around the world. 

It's good to be back with you today refreshed and renewed and ready for the new year. January is always a good time to refresh and reboot, you get a whole new start to a new year. We all like a fresh start. Like this year, I started off the year with 11 day fasting and praying. For me it was really powerful, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Physically, I felt incredible and revived emotionally. I was at peace and had a sound mine. Spiritually, I drew closer to God and had many breakthroughs. I took long walks, got out in the fresh air, I worship through music, and I even danced. I filled my atmosphere with only good and nourishing things. Our heavenly Father gives us a fresh start daily. I encourage you to lean in and draw close to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to do a work in you get refreshed and renewed from the inside out. Lamentations 323 reads, great is His faithfulness His mercies begin afresh each morning. Do you know that God cares about your body? Yes, he cares about every detail about us. He cares about our body because he created it. He fashioned it so perfectly for health, not to live for health, or to make health of God of its own, but to use it to live out the purpose he has for you. He is not a God of external things. But he is personally God who resides within you. He is watching how you use your time, your money, your talents, your opportunities, your mind and yes, even your body. One of the ways we can become defeated quickly is negative thinking, fear. This is why we have to keep our mind and eyes on Christ. what His Word says about us is the only truth. What about our mind? Does God really care about that too? When we think about maintaining our health, you might not consider your mind as being part of the process. However, maintaining a healthy mind is extremely important. Furthermore, you may not consider that your relationship with God and your knowledge of His truth and his plan for your life is a part of maintaining a healthy mind. Scripture tells us in Romans 12 to do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. When you do you will be able to test and approve what God's will is his good and pleasing and perfect will. As the Bible says in John 15, one through eight. We must stay connected to the vine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and bear spiritual fruit. Maintaining a healthy mind, grow in the Lord. Trust him and his plans for your life. Stay connected to him daily through prayer and studying his Word. My prayer today is searched me God and refresh my heart right now. Please help me to surrender my expectations and transform my mind to draw nearer to you. Search me God and align my heart with yours as I pursue the plans you have for me. Let me remember what you've already helped me overcome. You have already made a way for me to know you. You have already made a way for me to experience eternal life with you. Nothing is too hard for you. Search me God and heal my heart. Whatever the future holds. I know you hold me nothing is impossible for you. Restore me God and make me new into Jesus name, amen. Be refreshed and renewed in this new year. God bless each one of you listening today. And until next time, my beautiful sisters. Thank you for listening to women world leaders podcast. Join us each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As we explore together God's extravagant love in your courageous purpose. Visit our website www dot women world To submit a prayer request, register for an upcoming event and support the ministry from his heart to yours. We are women world leaders, all content is copyrighted by women world leaders cannot be used without expressed written consent.