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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

During this podcast, host Tawana Lowery shares three important strategies that will help us overcome disappointment (regardless of the circumstances) AND … Keep our Joy!!

And as the new year approaches, let these strategies arm you with a game plan to transcend the disappointment traps that might arise.



Dec 27, 2023

This Christmas, run to Jesus! He has come amid the craziness of this world to bring you His peace and joy. He is calling you just like He called the shepherds on that night long ago. Peace be with you, and all glory to God in the highest. (Luke 2:8-20)




Welcome to Walking in the Word, the Biblical teaching...

Dec 25, 2023

Mental Health and Wellness advocate, Author, and Speaker Elaine Septon shares her 2x suicide survival story with transparency in hopes of raising awareness and removing judgment of those who walk through rough moments in their life.
God will work out His plans for your life, Psalm 138:8. We just need to TRUST and...

Dec 22, 2023

Sometimes God calls us to do difficult, even seemingly impossible things, but what could’ve been more overwhelming than an unmarried teenage girl being tasked with raising the Savior of the World?  Just as God’s grace enabled her to receive, raise and release her first born son, His grace will carry us through...

Dec 20, 2023

Sometimes we must do simply what we are called to do. Mary understood this. Joseph understood this. And Jesus understood this. This Christmas, trust the God who is in control! (Matt 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-7)