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Women World Leaders' Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

There is plenty – plenty of heartbreak, destruction, and death happening in our world today. But God’s plan is perfect, and when we answer His call, there is plenty of joy to go around! Mark 6:31-34, Matthew 9:36-38, Luke 8:1-3)


Today as we study, we will read about Jesus’ compassion and mission. What a focus, right? We will be reading from Mark 6:31-34, Matthew 9:36-38, and Luke 8:1-3


Let’s begin with Mark 6:31-34 from the New Living Translation which records Jesus speaking to His disciples…

31 Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to eat.

32 So they left by boat for a quiet place, where they could be alone. 33 But many people recognized them and saw them leaving, and people from many towns ran ahead along the shore and got there ahead of them. 34 Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.

When I read this, I thought of the masses of people I have seen in my life. Prior to Covid, it was not unusual for many of us to see “masses” of people. Sporting events, concerts, and amusement parks were full of people. Highways and even church parking lots abounded with people. Humanity.

And then Covid hit. And we all got more accustomed to living in our smaller bubbles. We would remember back, nostalgically, to the days of community. For many of us, our only “window to the world” was news reports and Zoom meetings. I can remember, several months into covid, going to the grocery store and seeing a mom with her baby – and I couldn’t stop staring. Because I hadn’t seen a baby in months! I didn’t have any babies, or even young children, in my own bubble, so it was a novelty to see a child in the flesh.

Then the world began opening up. My family has again been stepping out – attending concerts and events – but it's still a little odd. And the masses aren’t quite as big.

But just because the masses aren’t grouped into one location, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are still babies in the world who are growing, learning to eat solid food, and use their own legs to walk – even though I may not see them. There are still people grieving because they have lost a loved one or themselves are battling illness or even depression – even though they are hidden in their homes. There are still those who are worrying about their finances, battling addictions, and celebrating life events – even though I can’t see them through my own window to the world.

Maybe that is why this scripture so impacted me. Jesus was with His disciples. And He knew the value of one-on-one connection, of pouring into His disciples individually. Our God is personal and loves and cherishes His one-on-one time with EACH of us! So He took His disciples by boat to go to a quiet place so they could be alone. But the people, the others, the whole of humanity, was still there. And they came from many towns and ran ahead of Him … and He saw them… and He had compassion on them … and He taught them. He saw them as sheep without a shepherd, and He became a shepherd TO them. Because He is the God of the one AND the God of the many. When Jesus sees the many, He doesn’t see a mass, He sees every single individual. He sees into each soul. He knows the needs of each person, and He meets that need.

But Jesus was one person – though a mighty and perfect person because He was God in the flesh. As a person, He must have been EXHAUSTED. He saw and fulfilled every need as God, but He was one man. But His plan was perfect…He told His disciples in John 16:17 that it was BEST for Him to go away…saying “…if I don’t, the Advocate won’t come. If I do go away, then I will send him to you.” Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit. For though Jesus walked the earth as a single human being who was limited in the flesh, unable to be everywhere at once, the Holy Spirit is unlimited. God the Holy Spirit came to dwell in each one of us – making that personal connection to every single individual more feasible.

But the Holy Spirit doesn’t have a physical body. HIS glory is that He empowers those He indwells to do His work. He empowers us – you and me – to touch and aid people who need His help. He empowers us to use our voices to share about God Himself. He guides us into action and gives us each a plan – because it takes the masses to care for the masses! None of us can do it alone, but we are called and equipped, as a body, to each do our part – and there is Plenty of Work for All!

In Matthew 9:36-38 we are told that when Jesus…

… saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. And it goes on…37 He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. 38 So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

Jesus KNEW what a big job meeting the masses was – He knew what the needs were and He knew the scope of those needs was far too much for one person to handle. Jesus knew that it would take us all. And He told His disciples to begin in prayer.

Today…we see a different “mass” of people than those who are happily attending a sporting event or a concert. We can’t turn on the news without seeing the masses of homeless and persecuted, fleeing for their lives from Ukraine. The sight is devastating. The young moms who are bravely holding their heads high for the sake of their children – not knowing where they are going to lay their head to rest or get their next meal. The kids who are struggling to walk long distances, wondering, with tears streaming down their faces, why their dog couldn’t come with them and when they will see their father again. The faces of the older men and women, knowing their bodies are too weak to fight a cause that they so deeply believe in for a country they dearly love.

Masses of people. Too many for us to wrap our heads around. Too many for us each to help – to reach – to comfort.

But it isn’t too many. Because God sees each and every one – and what’s more – He knows exactly who He is sending to help each individual!

And you’d better believe that He has a mission for you in all this!

Jesus said to his disciples, the harvest IS great, but the workers are few. Many teach on this verse and refer only to bringing people into the Christian faith – and that is appropriate. But Jesus always sees our whole need – and He knows that we can reach the spiritual needs of people by first taking care of their physical needs. And right now, the masses are in need. So we, first, must pray, that God will send more workers. But then we need to step out and do the work.

God has a plan to heal this catastrophe! God has a plan to reach every single hurting person. And His plan is to use OUR hands and feet! His many workers. Whom He sent here on purpose, for a purpose, for such a time as this!

We’ve all worked with people who don’t hold up their end of the bargain – people who don’t do the work they’ve been asked to do. It’s maddening, isn’t it? And what happens when someone neglects to do their job? Either someone else ends up doing the work, or the work doesn’t get done.

Let’s look at these outcomes. If you don’t do the work you are called to do, the work may not get done.

When we are talking about sweeping floors or cleaning bathrooms…it’s easy to say…oh well! Right? But THIS work…the work of bringing comfort and aid and yes, even the good news of Jesus Christ to these hurting masses…can you lay your head on your own comfortable pillow and rest peacefully knowing that the person that God created YOU to help is going without? If you are a child of God – if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He has sent His Holy Spirit to live inside you and to guide and empower you to be His hands and feet! YOU have a job to do – YOU are one of His workers in the field.

So the first outcome if we refuse to do God’s work is that it won’t get done. Well, that simply is not going to happen – because our God is faithful and will never let us down. So…guilt alleviated…we move on to the second outcome of not doing as we are called…

Someone else picks up the slack.

The thing about that is, the one who picks up the slack, is also the one who gets the joy in fulfilling the need they were created to fill! Because God will always honor and grow and teach the one who works for Him doing His work!

This crisis – these masses that we see fleeing in desperation, all made up of individuals with needs – may be one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Our first step is to pray – God, send the workers! Our second step is to stop and ask – if I am your worker, God, what is my job? What do I have the honor of doing for the masses? What do I have the honor of doing for the one – in your name?

Am I called to financially sponsor a refugee? Am I called to reach out to friends who are closer to the destruction and ask how I can assist them in helping? Am I called to contact my local church and see how I can support them as they reach out? Can I ask God to entrust me as I pray for an individual family? You don’t have to know their name or their exact situation – God will match up your prayers!

We at Women World Leaders don’t know all the people who listen to our podcasts, or read devotions and free magazines that are distributed worldwide. But we faithfully walk on – knowing that we are doing as God calls, and He will do the rest. Maybe you are being called to donate towards these efforts. If you are, you can do so at our website –


In Luke 8:1-3, we are given a peek into who some of the workers were that Jesus was grooming for the harvest…

Soon afterward Jesus began a tour of the nearby towns and villages, preaching and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom of God. He took his twelve disciples with him, along with some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases. Among them were Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons; Joanna, the wife of Chuza (KOOza), Herod’s business manager; Susanna; and many others who were contributing from their own resources to support Jesus and his disciples.

The workers that Jesus called were not just men – they were women. And they weren’t just women, they were previously broken women whom Jesus had pulled close to Himself.

Maybe you can relate! Are you a woman who was previously broken and is now held together by the superglue of God’s love? If you are, He has a purpose for your pain. He wants you to remember His grace and He wants you to see, not the masses, but the individuals. He wants you to join Him as He reaches every single individual, filling their needs and pulling them close to Him. And He wants you to get the joy and satisfaction that only comes when we do His will, for His glory alone.

We can certainly see by the masses being broadcast into our homes, that the need is extreme. But God has put together an army of compassion and care for such a time as this. He has empowered us with the Holy Spirit and He has called us to be His hands and feet. We must all claim our position and prepare for the work.

There IS Plenty for All – plenty of opportunities to give, to grow, and be part of His glory as it abounds through this hurting world.

Let’s pray…Dear Most Holy, Gracious, and Compassionate Lord. Thank you for seeing us each individually. And thank you for giving us EACH the incredible opportunity to reach the masses by reaching the individual as we become your hands and feet. God – your provision for such a time as this is remarkable. We wonder at your plan, and we thank you for counting us worthy to serve in your name. Guide us into our calling, that we may canvass this world with your love, compassion, and practical provision for those in need. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.